Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Promo Wish List...Day 2

Promotion for Breaking Dawn part 2 begins in two weeks.  That means the last promotional tour, the last movie...feelings, I have them.

So yesterday we took a look at Crystal's ( @takemetobliss ) choices for Kristen for BD promotion.  If you missed it, hop back a post and take a look.  She picked out some great choices for Kristen.  Also, you still have until midnight EST tonight to enter her giveaway for a copy of Elle Canada.  Take Me to Bliss Giveaway

I talked a little bit about fashion yesterday and what it means to me.  But what actually peeked my interest in this whole business?  I'm a woman, I like pretty things.  Who doesn't?  It wasn't until I met a certain friend that I realized how little I actually knew. She introduced me to designers, models, styles, fashion week...basically anything and everything related to fashion.  She also got me very obsessed with following the new collections that came out.  Pinterest became my own personal fashion magazine.  You can ask me a question about something fashion related, and I may answer like I know. But seriously, she is the go-to for anything to do with that world.  I now feel like I have some solid ground to stand on when it comes to the style world because of her.  Let me give you an example.  I was watching the Emmys a few weeks ago...obviously for the pretty dresses, not the awards (because no one I wanted actually won anything). My husband walks in, sits down beside me, and asks, "do you actually know any of the designers of these outfits?"  I rattled off like 5 in a row without pause...probably mis-pronouncing 3/5 but hey, you get my point.  Then he said to me, "name one of the US cabinet members."


That is so embarrassing.  So now that I've made myself sound completely uneducated, we are going to move on.  

Kim.  She is the friend I was talking about above.  And she is the one that presented me with this fashion challenge.  Here is an example of our conversation throughout this whole process:

she found my freaking out funny

Kim also picked a dress early last year that she really wanted Kristen to wear.  And Kristen ended up wearing it.  Guess which one it was?

four for you Kim

Without blabbing anymore....

Kim's Choices:

Peter Pilotto

Matthew Williamson

Alberta Ferretti 

Zac Posen



Marios Schwab

Jason Wu

Elie Saab

J. Mendel

YES YES YES!!!!!  alsdjflsadkjflasjfd.  So many great choices. 

What do you guys think?  Have a favorite from this choice collection?

A/N:  Kim....thank you so much for making me do this challenge.  As much as I fretted over it, it made me take a step back and forced me to think about why I was choosing a certain dress.  I love the choices you made and am very anxious to see her wear some of these.  ILY madly!

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  1. I love the delicateness of the Zac Posen gown (there's a similar ball gown version of it that's just stunning) and the J. Mendel print is super fun. I think she needs to do another photo shoot just wear all these beautiful dresses!