Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Promo Wish List...Day 3

The final day of showcasing promotional outfit choices has arrived.  Well, who are we kidding...I could do about 18 more posts of outfit wish lists for Kristen.  BUT that was not the challenge presented to me.  I had to choose only 10.

*drumrolll* Here are my top 10 wishes for Kristen for BD promo

Roland Mouret (I think this shape and color would look amazing on her)

Bottega Veneta (It has that edge but still very detailed and classy)

Osman (Something about this dress just really stuck out to me)

Matthew Williamson (This is probably too springy for her to wear for October/November promo, but the colors would look stunning on her. Plus that mini slit, yes.)

Marios Schwab (I had a hard time choosing one Marios Schwab. The detailing on this one really stood out to me.)

J. Mendel (Again, hard to choose just one J.Mendel. It was between this one and a purple one. Ultimately, I went with this one because I think the cut of this dress would look better on her.)

Herve Leger (Not long sleeves, but ¾ which is close enough. I’ve always liked Kristen in Herve Leger dresses.  Also, those shoes…can she wear those too?)

Jason Wu (YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW BADLY I WANT TO SEE HER IN THIS DRESS.  LADSKFJALSDKFJALSDKFJ. I know it’s not her normal style with all that material at the bottom, but I think it could work.)

Elie Saab

L'Wren Scott (Two of my favorite colors on her plus this body hugging fit...UNF)

***My bonus look because I couldn't leave this out.  This is a Marios Schwab dress from the Resort 2013 collection.  I SWEAR IF SOMEONE DOESN'T GET HER IN THIS DRESS FOR PROMO I MAY HAVE TO HURT SOMEONE.  At this point, I don't care if she wears it to a BBQ as long as she is wearing it.  In my opinion, this dress was made for her.

So there you have it.  Three days of promo wish lists.  Do you have a favorite from the collections featured?  

Here's my challenge to you...send me some of your favorite dresses from the Spring 2013 collections that you would like Kristen to wear.  It can be one outfit or it can be ten.  If you send me some, I will feature them on the blog.  Send me a twitter message, and I will let you know the best way to send your choices to me. 

A/N:  To Kim and Crystal, thank you so much for your help and letting me feature your picks on the blog.  Kim, your idea to do this was awesome...even though I wanted to kill you through some of it. ;-)

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  1. The Elie Saab dress is stunning and I can see K in that from head to toe. I also totally agree with the Jason Wu dress - it's fun and fanciful - the bottom reminds me of her ODLR New Moon dress but the color is amazing.

    Thanks for putting these together, it's always fun to look at pretty dresses and play dress up!