Thursday, September 27, 2012

Balenciaga...Yay or Nay

For the past several weeks, designers have been showcasing their Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear collections. We've seen NYFW, LFW, MFW, and now we arrive at Paris. If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably seen my 1800 pins of my favorite outfits so far...and are more than likely ready to flounce my Pinterest account.  #Sorrynotsorry

Balenciaga premiered their collection today in Paris.  As many of you may know, Kristen Stewart is the new face of the women's perfume, Florabotanica.  The fragrance officially made its debut in stores this month, so I was pretty positive Kristen would be there today at the Balenciaga show.

I have a love/hate relationship with Balenciaga.  There are some clothes that are funky and fun and others that are just downright ugly.  Of course, it's fashion, so to each their own.  Kristen has worn Balenciaga clothes throughout the past few years and even made a comment about how it was the first brand she ever recognized.  So, I'm going to break down some of her Balenciaga looks...ending with her look at the show today.  Opinions, I have them.  Again, I know everyone is not going to agree because like I said, fashion.

This was one of the first Balenciaga looks I remember Kristen wearing.  It was at the LA Twilight premiere.  LOVED that dress...youthful, yet classy.

New Moon premiere in Madrid.  I saw a lot of experimentation with Kristen's style during this round of promotion.  This look=AMAZING.  It was so edgy and refreshing.  And that sheer paneling, UNF.

There was a LOT of discussion about this look.  I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either.  One thing I did hate, those shoes.  I want to burn them.  Also, the fit of the pants...they looked better in some pictures than they did in others.  I liked the look a whole lot better without the jacket.  It was too boxy.  The top was fresh and fun.

*sigh* I have a huge issue with Balenciaga shoes.  Those are just a big fat no for me.  They took away so much from the whole look.  The dress-the top half was fabulous...the cut of the top looked great on her.  The bottom half-meh...I wish it was a tad bit shorter.  I don't like that the bottom of the dress hits right at her knees.  And in some pictures, it looked like there were smudge marks on the bottom piece of the dress.  

Those are some B-O-L-D pants my friend.  And to be quite honest, she rocked them.  There aren't many people who could pull those off.  The tailored blazer and white shirt gave it the subtle touch it needed to fully work.  Also, I did like how the pants unzipped over her shoes.

THIS dress!!!  This was a custom Balenciaga dress made just for Kristen for her OTR Cannes premiere.  I loved the vintage feel of it.  She looked stunning in it and that slit.  YES!  And those shoes were pretty drool-worthy as well. 
***I have a friend that may or may not loathe this dress with every fiber of her being.  She said it looked like living room curtains. LOL

Spring 2013 Balenciaga Show in Paris (aka Today).  Her face is perfect.  That's about all the positive I have to say about this look.  I was one of the very few people who didn't love this.  I am not a fan of print all.  Maybe I would have liked the look better if she would have paired it with heels instead of those "shoes."  

What about you?  Are you a big fan of Balenciaga?  Which of these looks do you like the best?

For me, it varies.  The Spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection that debuted actually had a lot of cute clothes that I can see Kristen rocking for Breaking Dawn part 2 promo.  To see the collection, go here ---> Balenciaga Spring 2013 Ready to Wear

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Tale of Two Brothers....

What two brothers?  Well, do any other brothers really matter?

Damon and Stefan Salvator off The Vampire Diaries.  If you haven't seen the show, it wouldn't take long to guess the plot.  Basically your normal, small town girl torn between two gorgeous guys. Tragedy right?  Well if you're a Vampire Diaries fan, it is.  It means you have to choose.  Do you side with Stefan or Damon?  Why are we discussing this...well, because 1.) I'm bored and 2.) Season 4 premieres on October 11

Let's give a little background first......

Season 1&2: Stefan and Elena get together.  It's all puppies and rainbows and unicorns.  Then Elena finds out Stefan's big secret.  He's a vampire.  dun, dun, dunnnn.  The road gets a little bumpy for a while, but Elena quickly realizes she can't resist Stefan's charm.  Yeah, I couldn't either.  But they have their ups and downs.  Makeups and breakups.  One thing I did learn in these first two seasons, Paul Wesley is HANDS DOWN the best on screen crier.

this happened and I was legit snot-sobbing everywhere

Season 3:  At the end of season 2, Stefan left with Klaus (evil vamp) to protect Elena.  Season 3 picks up from there.  Long story short, Klaus compels Stefan to turn off his humanity and everything goes to the shitter.  Him and Elena's relationship is in shambles.  Now, in comes Damon.  Throughout all the seasons up until this point, Damon has made it pretty clear that he has feelings for Elena.  Those feelings come to a head when in one episode, Elena and Damon find themselves in close quarters in a hotel room.  And then this happens....

yeah, I may have rewinded this scene a couple hundred times.

The climax of season 3 ends with Elena ultimately choosing Stefan as the one she wants to be with.  She tells Matt (her ex-boyfriend/friend) that maybe if she had met Damon first, then it would have been a different story.  BUT they show a flashback of Elena actually meeting Damon first the night her parents died.  Of course, Damon being Damon, compelled her to not remember.  At the very end of the episode Elena ends up dying in a car crash but she had vampire blood in her system so that means she will wake up as a vampire. <---this is where season 4 picks up.

Sooooooooooo....will Elena still stay with Stefan once she finds out she actually met Damon first?  Do you think she'll take Damon for a spin in season 4?  Who does she belong with...Stefan or Damon...or neither?  Your thoughts....I need them! 

I know you girls have opinions...Kate, Crystal, Jess, and Jenn!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forever isn't as long as I'd hoped....

PSA: I'm a Twilight fan.  Not a Twihard.  If you call me that, I will punch you.  I don't know who coined that term, but I hate it.  If anyone comes up to me and asks if I like Twilight, I will be the first to say yes.  I won't deny.  I own that shit. 

So this post...Twilight related.  Just a fair warning so you skip it now if you aren't interested.

I'm a little bit late to the party on this, but I'm going to break down the Breaking Dawn part 2 trailer...and of course, give you my thoughts on various parts of it.

Whenever a new Twilight trailer hits the inter-webs, I am usually prepped and have my day planned around it accordingly.  Sad, I know.  But I want to be in a non-distracting environment so I'm able to fully absorb the experience.  LAME=me.  Anyway............that didn't necessarily happen this time around.  Two of my friends and I were actually in a showing of Cosmopolis when the full trailer dropped, so I had a good excuse.

One aspect that I've been particularly wary of for this last movie is the CGI.  Personally, I thought there were a few places in Breaking Dawn part 1 that the CGI was kind of O_o.  And then the fight scene towards the end was a mess.  But after watching the trailer for part 2, I feel a little better.  There were a couple scenes that reminded me of Eclipse with the alleyways and such.  I know most everyone hated that movie but I thought the CGI/fighting aspect was handled really well...except for the awful fake snow stage.

Alright, lets do this....

we actually saw part of this scene in a preview clip from Target when the DVD from part 1 was released. they both look so good in this scene, and I need that song that plays over this clip like I need air.

praise be...they have finally gotten the vamp makeup right on someone. such a relief that it's bella. 


no.  no, no, no. NO! I hate that she looks like a flying squirrel when she first jumps.

hellooooooo. why did they make you look so good here but then destroyed you on the promotional posters?  WHY????

:333 I'm so ready for these family scenes

very anxious to see how they handle this power with Renesmee

this slow-mo shot in the snow is AH-MAZING.  also, hiya Dakota.

how is it possible for someone's hair to look that perfect while running?  for real though, she looks incredible in this scene.

ngl, this scene of the Volturi member chasing Jacob and Renesmee gave me chills

the money I would have paid to have been on set that day just to see how many times Rob fell while filming this scene. 

LOVE these shots

And finally, my favorite shot from the entire trailer...............


Those are just a few of my favorite highlights from the trailer.  I am excited to see how all the other vamp powers play out.  Obviously I wasn't excited enough to save the ones from the trailer in gif form.  Oh well.  There has been hints dropped that the ending is a little different from the book.  I'm glad that there is an actual fight instead of the big fat ball of nothiningness that didn't happen in the book.  Also, if they don't have Bella showing Edward all her thoughts at the end like in the book, I may have to hunt someone down.  That scene HAS to be in the movie. If it's not I may cry.

What did you think of the trailer?  Any favorite/least favorite moments? 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

No friendship is an accident

“No friendship is an accident. ” 
― O. HenryHeart of the West

Quotes.  I LOVE quotes.  I actually have a notebook at home where I write down my favorite ones.  Remember in A Walk to Remember where Landon read Jamie quotes from her mother's quote book.  I fell in love with that idea.  Except my book isn't as cool and doesn't have that vintage look that Jamie's mom's did.

THIS movie! I bawl every time.

Also, this will be a good time to share a little secret about myself.  Well, not a secret to most people that know me, but for any of you that don't....GIFS ARE MY LIFE.  

see, told you.

I will find any excuse to use them.  I often like to express my current state of being in gif form.  I have a photobucket account dedicated solely to gifs...that are then separated into 234 different categories.  That's where my OCD kicks in.  One of my friends (Kim) and I will have conversations on twitter through gifs.  99.9% of the time, it's us communicating our frustrations about certain "things."  

What was the point of all this above?  Nothing really.  Just random information that I felt the need to express.  

On to the meat and potatoes of the post.  I have a friend.  Her name is Crystal.  I met her through twitter a couple of years ago when I first got an account.  I can't remember how exactly it went down, but I'm pretty sure it started with her blog ---> Take Me to Bliss  That blog is a very lovely place, and I suggest you pay it a visit.  

Crystal was the first twitter friend I made, and we still talk 3 years later.  She actually wrote a blog post a few months ago about the importance of twitter friends.  When you start gushing to people about your friends that you met through twitter they often give you a look similar to this: 

Seriously, you are missing out if gifs are not part of your life.

To be perfectly honest, these are some of the best girls I've ever known.  They are smart, talented, gracious, hysterical, and many more adjectives that I could go on for days about. These are people that formed a connection over two actors who took the world by storm.  These are people that send post cards from Hawaii (hi Crystal), that send you amazing birthday presents (a.k.a a signed copy of your favorite book...hi Kim), and Christmas presents from Portugal (hi JoJo!)

And Crystal is the one that's been with me from the beginning.  She was there when I got engaged, and she actually received an invite to my wedding. True story.  I have never met (I use this word because it will happen one day) a woman so dedicated and passionate about her work.  Seriously, one of the hardest workers I know.  I'm not joking when I say, looking at a schedule for her week makes me dizzy.  She is a beautiful, talented woman that has a love for picture taking, a cat named Bella, a Vampire Diaries lover, a mad love for Hawaii, an obsession with Tiffany & Co., and a social media junkie (the best kind of junkie).  She also has two blogs.  One is her "fangirling" account which I linked earlier, and the other is her RL account Crystal Richard  What did I tell you?  Busy lady. No really, I love you Crystal, and I'm holding you to the wine and TVD marathon we talked about.  I may even do your laundry. ;-) 

In her words, "Because FRIENDS  made through TWITTER are REAL PEOPLE TOO."  <---so MUCH THIS.