Friday, September 21, 2012

A Tale of Two Brothers....

What two brothers?  Well, do any other brothers really matter?

Damon and Stefan Salvator off The Vampire Diaries.  If you haven't seen the show, it wouldn't take long to guess the plot.  Basically your normal, small town girl torn between two gorgeous guys. Tragedy right?  Well if you're a Vampire Diaries fan, it is.  It means you have to choose.  Do you side with Stefan or Damon?  Why are we discussing this...well, because 1.) I'm bored and 2.) Season 4 premieres on October 11

Let's give a little background first......

Season 1&2: Stefan and Elena get together.  It's all puppies and rainbows and unicorns.  Then Elena finds out Stefan's big secret.  He's a vampire.  dun, dun, dunnnn.  The road gets a little bumpy for a while, but Elena quickly realizes she can't resist Stefan's charm.  Yeah, I couldn't either.  But they have their ups and downs.  Makeups and breakups.  One thing I did learn in these first two seasons, Paul Wesley is HANDS DOWN the best on screen crier.

this happened and I was legit snot-sobbing everywhere

Season 3:  At the end of season 2, Stefan left with Klaus (evil vamp) to protect Elena.  Season 3 picks up from there.  Long story short, Klaus compels Stefan to turn off his humanity and everything goes to the shitter.  Him and Elena's relationship is in shambles.  Now, in comes Damon.  Throughout all the seasons up until this point, Damon has made it pretty clear that he has feelings for Elena.  Those feelings come to a head when in one episode, Elena and Damon find themselves in close quarters in a hotel room.  And then this happens....

yeah, I may have rewinded this scene a couple hundred times.

The climax of season 3 ends with Elena ultimately choosing Stefan as the one she wants to be with.  She tells Matt (her ex-boyfriend/friend) that maybe if she had met Damon first, then it would have been a different story.  BUT they show a flashback of Elena actually meeting Damon first the night her parents died.  Of course, Damon being Damon, compelled her to not remember.  At the very end of the episode Elena ends up dying in a car crash but she had vampire blood in her system so that means she will wake up as a vampire. <---this is where season 4 picks up.

Sooooooooooo....will Elena still stay with Stefan once she finds out she actually met Damon first?  Do you think she'll take Damon for a spin in season 4?  Who does she belong with...Stefan or Damon...or neither?  Your thoughts....I need them! 

I know you girls have opinions...Kate, Crystal, Jess, and Jenn!

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