Thursday, September 13, 2012

No friendship is an accident

“No friendship is an accident. ” 
― O. HenryHeart of the West

Quotes.  I LOVE quotes.  I actually have a notebook at home where I write down my favorite ones.  Remember in A Walk to Remember where Landon read Jamie quotes from her mother's quote book.  I fell in love with that idea.  Except my book isn't as cool and doesn't have that vintage look that Jamie's mom's did.

THIS movie! I bawl every time.

Also, this will be a good time to share a little secret about myself.  Well, not a secret to most people that know me, but for any of you that don't....GIFS ARE MY LIFE.  

see, told you.

I will find any excuse to use them.  I often like to express my current state of being in gif form.  I have a photobucket account dedicated solely to gifs...that are then separated into 234 different categories.  That's where my OCD kicks in.  One of my friends (Kim) and I will have conversations on twitter through gifs.  99.9% of the time, it's us communicating our frustrations about certain "things."  

What was the point of all this above?  Nothing really.  Just random information that I felt the need to express.  

On to the meat and potatoes of the post.  I have a friend.  Her name is Crystal.  I met her through twitter a couple of years ago when I first got an account.  I can't remember how exactly it went down, but I'm pretty sure it started with her blog ---> Take Me to Bliss  That blog is a very lovely place, and I suggest you pay it a visit.  

Crystal was the first twitter friend I made, and we still talk 3 years later.  She actually wrote a blog post a few months ago about the importance of twitter friends.  When you start gushing to people about your friends that you met through twitter they often give you a look similar to this: 

Seriously, you are missing out if gifs are not part of your life.

To be perfectly honest, these are some of the best girls I've ever known.  They are smart, talented, gracious, hysterical, and many more adjectives that I could go on for days about. These are people that formed a connection over two actors who took the world by storm.  These are people that send post cards from Hawaii (hi Crystal), that send you amazing birthday presents (a.k.a a signed copy of your favorite book...hi Kim), and Christmas presents from Portugal (hi JoJo!)

And Crystal is the one that's been with me from the beginning.  She was there when I got engaged, and she actually received an invite to my wedding. True story.  I have never met (I use this word because it will happen one day) a woman so dedicated and passionate about her work.  Seriously, one of the hardest workers I know.  I'm not joking when I say, looking at a schedule for her week makes me dizzy.  She is a beautiful, talented woman that has a love for picture taking, a cat named Bella, a Vampire Diaries lover, a mad love for Hawaii, an obsession with Tiffany & Co., and a social media junkie (the best kind of junkie).  She also has two blogs.  One is her "fangirling" account which I linked earlier, and the other is her RL account Crystal Richard  What did I tell you?  Busy lady. No really, I love you Crystal, and I'm holding you to the wine and TVD marathon we talked about.  I may even do your laundry. ;-) 

In her words, "Because FRIENDS  made through TWITTER are REAL PEOPLE TOO."  <---so MUCH THIS.  

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