Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Start of Something New Part 4

Day 4

Anytime I have a fashion question, I always go to Kim.  She got me interested in this whole fashion world.  So naturally she was the first person I went to with my premiere look idea. She literally had her picks to me in like 10 minutes.  I, of course, am a very indecisive person. I'm still not sure what my #5 pick is, and I post mine tomorrow. LOL.  While browsing through looks last week, I sent her a picture and said "Do you know where this event was?" She responded with, "That's not a premiere, that was a fan event." 


and then this

Jill then joined in on the whole debacle. The conversation between the 3 of us went something like this:

yes, that was Kim's idea to title our chat group "Mean Girls." the reasoning behind that is a story for a different day.

Who knows if we ever actually came to a consensus.  So, without further ado, here we go for day 4....

Jill's @JRollin5 picks 
#5 LA BD2 Premiere
(The Gold dress.  I would have preferred it to have a thin silk underlay or something so it wasn't just the see through lace, but meh. What can you do? lol.  Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy seeing as much of K as possible, but in this case I think it would have been a little better.  I REALLY liked the bodice and the way it fit. It was PERFECT.  And her HAIR. OMG.  It made the look SO old Hollywood.  It was so gorgeous.  All curls and flowing and HNNNNG.  Her makeup was fabulous, too!!  She looked so amazing in that color.  She looks good in every color.)

#4 LA The Runaways Premiere
(She surprised everyone I think because up until then she wasn't really a fashion risk taker and not really into fashion at all.  She really started experimenting with color on this promo tour and this especially seemed WAY out of character for her.  But, she owned it.  She went funky with her hair and she looked AMAZING.  Just like a rock star, baby.)

#3 NYC The Runaways Premiere
  (Pucci. I love you.  The dress was so itty bitty omg, but it just showed off her AMAZING ROCKIN ASS BODY.  It fit like a glove.  Her skin, as per the usual, was FLAWLESS.  And with her hair so dark, it just made it so much prettier because of the contrast.   And, she didn't over-do it with the makeup which I loved.  The dress was busy and the makeup was minimal.  Good combo I think.)

#2 NYC Eclipse Premiere
(LOVE.  Her HAIR is my FAVORITE.  The color is amazing and the styling?!!!!? The braid is absolutely the BEST and the little pieces hanging down loose?!  HOLY SHIT. I loved it.  AND HER MAKE UP? One of the best looks on her ever.  Just the color of the eyeshadow and her green eyes popping... OMG. GORGEOUS.  The dress was great bc it brought out the color of her hair and make up by making them pop! but otherwise just a black dress I suppose.  IDK, I just adored this look)

#1 Cannes Cosmopolis Premiere
(DUH.  Fucking A I love her in red.  That dress was just.... GAHHHHHH.  Reem Acra, well done. WELL DONE, Kristen.  She was stunning. And the pic where you can see all of the photographers... just takes my breath away. It feels so MOVIE STAR.  It is easy to forget sometimes what their life on the red carpet entails.  creepy side note: SIDE BOOB UNFFFFFF)

Kim's @kimmcarr picks
#5 LA Adventureland Premiere
(And oldie, but a goodie. I almost chose Eclipse NY as my final look, but when I really started to think about her premiere looks, I kept coming back to this one. I feel like this was when she really stepped up to the fashion plate to take some risks. She had Twilight under her belt and this smaller movie coming out where she wasn't the only ticket seller and I think she took that opportunity to take a risk (or at least I like to pretend that was her motivation as, in reality, I have no idea why she chooses one outfit over another since I'm sadly not a part of her styling team - OMG DREAM JOOOOOB). I liked how this was one of her first uses of color. And I loved the hair and makeup. And I'm pretty much obsessed with her eyebrows from this night.)

#4 LA OTR AFI Premiere
(I have my issues with a lot of Balenciaga's designs. But the Spring 2013 collection was by far the strongest collection in many seasons and I was really excited to see many of the pieces on Kristen. I was so happy that she wore this particular look! I really like when she wears pants to events, and boy did she wear these pants! I like the feminine/masculine combination in this outfit, not quite androgynous cuz that top was allllll woman, but definitely kick-ass. And that makeup! She was not playing around that night. It was like all the elements aligned to form a really badass Kristen Stewart.)

#3 London BD1 Premiere
(This was the first time I saw her in a long dress and thought omg she really can wear these without them overwhelming her. The dress was so flattering on her, adding the belt was genius, she looked long and curvy and very confident. Her makeup was also just perfect.)

#2 Cannes Cosmopolis Premiere
(I've been in love with that Reem Acra dress since I first saw it a couple years ago. Never did I think Kristen would be the one to wear it, because 1) it wasn't current and 2) she wasn't REALLY a gown person yet. And after the mess that was the On The Road dress (sorry Jessica, and everyone else who liked that dress) I had low expectations for this. But Kristen blazed onto that red carpet looking out of this world. By far the sexiest she's ever looked. I love red. It's my favorite color on her. I love lace (again) and the hints of it on this dress are so sexy and flattering. Her hair and makeup were so perfect. The gold, glittery eyeshadow? I mean, stop it. She was flawless. If I could tie this with Breaking Dawn Part 2 in LA, I would and the only reason that edged this look out was how mature she looked in Los Angeles)

#1 LA BD2 Premiere
(When she stepped out of the car, literally in front of me, I turned to my friend and started crying because she had never been more beautiful. In person the dress didn't come off as sheer as in the photos, so I didn't even really notice that until after the movie when I was going through everything. But more than the dress, which fit her so well, and was so flattering on her, and so grown up, and just so movie star, her hair and makeup were flawless. She was old Hollywood meets modern Hollywood and she bridged the two perfectly. She also looked softer than she usually does, and I really appreciated that. And I love lace. I love that lace is making a big comeback in fashion. So many looks this season incorporated lace and I love that Kristen embraced.)

[A/N: Kim and Jill, I loved our banter over what constituted as a premiere.  I'm sure we still don't all agree, but hey, that's the beauty in it.  Thank you girls from the bottom of my heart.  ILY both!]

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Start of Something New Part 3

Day 3!

Today's picks by Vanessa, JoJo, and Kate.  They also included why they made these particular choices.  Enjoy!

Vanessa's picks @FAP4Pellan

#5 Japan BD2 Premiere
(The black and white checkered LV playsuit she wore to the fan event. The shoes. The make up. Even the hair. jflskdf <33)

#4 LA BD2 Premiere
(That dress is all kinds of win. That is all.)

#3 LA Twilight Premiere

#2 Cannes Cosmopolis Premiere
(because nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has everrr worn red better than Kristen that day)

#1 London BD1 Premiere
(because E V E R Y T H I N G about that night was just magical)

JoJo's picks @dizzy_ladybug

#5 LA The Yellow Handkerchief Premiere
(She had an LBD and black pumps and that's probably the easiest look to pull off, not exactly cutting edge. BUT I LOVE IT SO HARD ON HER. She just looked so happy and comfortable. And I'm probably the only person on the planet that loved her dark black growing-out-of-the-Jett-muller-hair but I'll wear that badge proudly.) 

#4 Sydney SWATH Premiere
(I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. The detail on it is mesmerizing, I could look at it for hours, and I love her in green. Although the skirt could have worked in a shorter version I love that she kept the length and worked the shit out of it, also, bonus midriff skin showing, which I particularly love when seen from the back. UNF. The make-up is stunning, and I love love the hair as well.)

#3 Berlin BD2 Premiere
(Kristen Stewart doesn't fucking sparkle. SHE GLOWS. And this dress showed it in all it's magnificence. I'm obsessed with the way it fell perfectly on her body, like the sequins are contouring her body and moving with it. I like the fierceness of the shoes against the sparkly dress and I appreciate that they pulled her hair up in a way that looked pretty but not too much, because it would have look tiring against such an attention getting dress.)

#2 LA BD2 Premiere
(SO many words could be said about this look but: WHOA is the only one that comes close. It was sheer, it was vintag-y looking, it was new and old Hollywood all in one and I'm still picking myself of the floor. I still need that lipstick even though I'll look like a circus school reject and don't even get me started on the hair envy. (IT'S BIG.))

#1 Cannes Cosmopolis
(BECAUSE of reasons of course. It was a struggle to figure out the placement on the top 3. But this one HAS TO BE NR 1, because remember when we first saw her in that dress? And the make-up? And how it wasn't even HER PARTY TO SHINE AT? /rude But not really because she did it for him and it was definitely HIS PARTY TO ENJOY. Bottom line is: that dress looks perfect on her. The make up was flawless as was the hair. She was gorgeous and sexy and she knew it. Then we all died. And it was glorious.)

Kate's picks @kate_suena

#5 London BD1 Premiere
(There were things about this premiere that weren't perfect, but it had nothing to do with her looks. She looked like Christmas, and I was - and still am - in love with it. I got to experience this with some of my best friends who love Kristen as much as I do, so it was even more special.)

#4 Madrid New Moon Premiere
(CAN WE JUST ALL UNF FOR A MINUTE. I MEAN...JFC, GF. She. Brought. IT. It wasn't the LA gown (that should never have happened) and it teased us in all the right ways. I like the way she did sheer here much more than the bottom of her dress gave us in LA for BD2, and the side boob is just...YES. At the same time, there was a little dash of preppy in the mix. I loved everything about this (including how Rob's fingers wrapped around her side because PEOPLE COULD SEE WHAT HE'D KISSED ALL OVER THE NIGHT BEFORE...I mean, what.)

#3 NYC The Runaways Premiere
(That lip colour. That hair. Those heels. THAT DRESS. THAT CLEAVAGE. (Ruth!) This just hugged her in alllllll the right places, and was like va-va-VOOM. I feel like it happened a million years ago, but it still pops to the front of my mind.)

#2 LA BD2 Premiere
(I'll be completely honest: I didn't love the dress (more so the bottom half). I certainly don't think it's better than her Cannes Cosmopolis look. BUT, her hair and makeup were flawless, and even more than that, she was effervescent. Smiling, at ease, SO HAPPY. She was taking it all in - which she mentioned doesn't always happen - and it showed. I saw one of those "Emma Watson at the final premiere of HP vs. Kristen Stewart at the final premiere of Twilight" things recently and whoever had made it had chosen two pics of K straight-faced and ones of E crying. JUST NO. You cannot even do that because I will FIGHT YOU. I love Emma, too, but that is doing such a disservice to Kristen. She absolutely realized how momentous this occasion was, and it showed, 100%.)

#1 Cannes Cosmopolis 
(it was such a glamourous, old-school Hollywood look, but at the same time she looked regal. She was there to show love and support and it just shined through. Utter perfection. This is also one of my favourite pics of her, ever (it is pretty much the definition of "She has ARRIVED."))

[A/N:  Again, thank you girls soooooooooooo much for doing this!  You are all wonderful, and I love you a lot.  And JoJo, you know my love for that TYH look, and I am very happy that you had that as one of your picks.]

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Start of Something New Part 2

I hope you are enjoying everyone's premiere looks as much as I am.  I get giddy when I see the email come through that says "here are my picks."

We're just going to dive right in.  Colleen and Crystal's picks are being featured today.  At one point during this whole process, Colleen emailed and said "okay, I've got it narrowed down to 9."  I feel you.  Story of all our lives when it comes to a task like this.  

So, round 2....

Crystal's picks @takemetobliss (she also provided me with reasons she chose these)

#5 NYC WTTR Premiere
(While I thought the makeup was a bit overdone - I loved the dress and thought she looked amazing. I also loved the loosely pulled back messy hair look too)

#4 London BD1 Premiere
(I loved this dress. I loved the hair. I loved the makeup. There was just something magical at this carpet and I think that's always the case when she is on Rob's home turf but yeah. Gorgeous.)

#3 LA BD2 Premiere
(HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY WOAH. I don't even know what else to add other than she was perfection that night. That was Hollywood starlet right there. And her hair? Omg. Utter perfection.)

#2 Sydney SWATH Premiere
( I don't know what it was about this outfit combined with the hair but I loved it. And that little tease of skin where her top and bottom meets? Sexy. I really hate everything that movie represents now for obvious reasons but this outfit still takes makes me go - wow.)

#1 Cannes Cosmopolis Premiere
(like WOAH)

Colleen's picks @CheerySarcasm

#5 NYC Eclipse Premiere

#4 LA Twilight Premiere

#3 London BD2 Premiere

#2 London BD1 Premiere

#1 Cannes Cosmopolis 

[A/N: Crystal and Colleen, my love for you girls.  Thank you so much for doing this and putting up with my on-a-whim request. xoxo]

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Start of Something New

Something you should know about me...I'm a very random person.  I have THE most random thoughts that run through my head.  So naturally , I used one of those as the inspiration for this series of blog posts coming up this week.

Let me preface by saying that 2012 is a little bit of an end of an era for some of us. Last month was the end of the Twilight saga films.  Along with these films came dozens of premieres.  With the premieres came a varying range of styles for Kristen Stewart.  Not only were there Twilight premieres, but there were other movie premieres in between.  There was The Yellow Handkerchief, Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, Snow White and the Huntsman, On the Road, and Cannes.

So now that we've reached the end of a road (so to speak), I asked several people to email me their top 5 favorite Kristen premiere looks.  The choices could have ranged from her first premiere to this point now.  I'm sure the people I asked wanted to throw me off a bridge because if they sent something that wasn't a premiere look, I would respond back with, "NO, Next, Try Again."  Well I was a little nicer than that, but you get the idea.

Each day this week, I will be posting their premiere look choices.

Today's looks are brought to you by the lovely @CynicallyConvy and @j_carroll7

CC's picks....

#5 Japan BD2 Premiere
#4 Eclipse NYC Premiere
#3 LA BD2 Premiere
#2 NYC The Runaways Premiere
#1 Cannes Cosmopolis Premiere

Jenn's picks

Jenn had a hard time deciding so she included a bonus look: TIFF OTR Premiere

#5 LA SWATH Premiere
#4 London BD1 Premiere
#3 LA OTR AFI Premiere
#2 LA BD2 Premiere
#1 Cannes Cosmopolis Premiere

Check back tomorrow to see Crystal and Colleen's picks!

[A/N: CC, Jenn...thank you so much for sending these.  I truly do appreciate it.]

Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Little Piece of Forever

So.................................................................*deep breaths* Twilight is officially over.


Right now, that thought is still very hard to grasp.  When you have something that has encompassed such a vast amount of your life for 4 years, it is hard to let it go.  Not that Twilight is going away forever, but it's the end of set pics, behind-the-scenes goodies, Twi promo, a new movie every November (well Eclipse was technically in June but whatever).  

I was talking to a friend yesterday, a friend I met through this saga, about how weird I've been feeling the past two days.  As strange as this sounds, it is like there is an emptiness...a piece feels like it is missing now that the saga is over.  Even though I am thrilled to see where Rob and Kristen go from here, there is a part of me that is sad to say goodbye to Twilight.  Friends, a HUGE wave of nostalgia has set in, and it's giving my emotions whiplash.   

There is something about this series and what it did to people that is very much undefinable.  I think it touched something inside many of us that will be impossible to match again.  It lit a fire.  There's a spark there that can't be replaced, and I am okay with that.  I don't know if I can speak for everyone when I say this, but I don't think I ever want that feeling replaced.

Being a part of this fandom brought a LOT of great friends into my life.  There are so many good memories I have gained, and I can wholeheartedly say I do not regret a thing.  Even through the cheesy dialogue, the horrible wigs, the sometimes questionable CGI, the :28 seconds of LIES, I wouldn't change it for the world.  To be a fan of this series is a once in a lifetime experience.  

It will always be our little piece of forever.....