Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forever isn't as long as I'd hoped....

PSA: I'm a Twilight fan.  Not a Twihard.  If you call me that, I will punch you.  I don't know who coined that term, but I hate it.  If anyone comes up to me and asks if I like Twilight, I will be the first to say yes.  I won't deny.  I own that shit. 

So this post...Twilight related.  Just a fair warning so you skip it now if you aren't interested.

I'm a little bit late to the party on this, but I'm going to break down the Breaking Dawn part 2 trailer...and of course, give you my thoughts on various parts of it.

Whenever a new Twilight trailer hits the inter-webs, I am usually prepped and have my day planned around it accordingly.  Sad, I know.  But I want to be in a non-distracting environment so I'm able to fully absorb the experience.  LAME=me.  Anyway............that didn't necessarily happen this time around.  Two of my friends and I were actually in a showing of Cosmopolis when the full trailer dropped, so I had a good excuse.

One aspect that I've been particularly wary of for this last movie is the CGI.  Personally, I thought there were a few places in Breaking Dawn part 1 that the CGI was kind of O_o.  And then the fight scene towards the end was a mess.  But after watching the trailer for part 2, I feel a little better.  There were a couple scenes that reminded me of Eclipse with the alleyways and such.  I know most everyone hated that movie but I thought the CGI/fighting aspect was handled really well...except for the awful fake snow stage.

Alright, lets do this....

we actually saw part of this scene in a preview clip from Target when the DVD from part 1 was released. they both look so good in this scene, and I need that song that plays over this clip like I need air.

praise be...they have finally gotten the vamp makeup right on someone. such a relief that it's bella. 


no.  no, no, no. NO! I hate that she looks like a flying squirrel when she first jumps.

hellooooooo. why did they make you look so good here but then destroyed you on the promotional posters?  WHY????

:333 I'm so ready for these family scenes

very anxious to see how they handle this power with Renesmee

this slow-mo shot in the snow is AH-MAZING.  also, hiya Dakota.

how is it possible for someone's hair to look that perfect while running?  for real though, she looks incredible in this scene.

ngl, this scene of the Volturi member chasing Jacob and Renesmee gave me chills

the money I would have paid to have been on set that day just to see how many times Rob fell while filming this scene. 

LOVE these shots

And finally, my favorite shot from the entire trailer...............


Those are just a few of my favorite highlights from the trailer.  I am excited to see how all the other vamp powers play out.  Obviously I wasn't excited enough to save the ones from the trailer in gif form.  Oh well.  There has been hints dropped that the ending is a little different from the book.  I'm glad that there is an actual fight instead of the big fat ball of nothiningness that didn't happen in the book.  Also, if they don't have Bella showing Edward all her thoughts at the end like in the book, I may have to hunt someone down.  That scene HAS to be in the movie. If it's not I may cry.

What did you think of the trailer?  Any favorite/least favorite moments? 

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