Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie Moments that Give You Chills

Do you remember those moments....those moments when you were in a dimly lit theater with 100 other people or in the comfort of your own home curled up with a cup of coffee staring at the screen in front of you  and you remember...remember that feeling you had when something amazing happened?

Movies, just like books, have the ability to evoke the most powerful emotions inside us. We've all experienced those moments of absolute rage, chills that make your hair stand on end, smiling so hard you feel like your face is going to crack, or crying so hysterically that you start hiccuping or making other really strange inhuman noises. <---don't lie, you've been that person too.

There is something incredibly extraordinary about seeing a story unfold and come to life on screen. Some will tell you that movies allow them to escape. And in a way they do. They transport you into another world, even if it's just for a mere 2 hours. But something unexpected and amazing happens in those 2 hours. There is a moment that sticks. Whether it was a moment that made you cry, laugh, gave you chills , or made you go OH SHIT! you remember it.

So, here are those moments for me........

The Notebook:

THE kiss that sparked one of best MTV Movie Awards "Best Kiss" acceptances EVER


Jurassic Park:

right before this, the sister is staring at her brother with a spoon of jello shaking in her hand. true story-my brother and I used to reenact this scene at the dinner table ALL THE TIME


Dirty Dancing:

pretty sure we've all tried to do this move once or twice since seeing the movie


And we all screamed "NOOOOO...WAKE UPPPPPPPP!'''' and then collectively wanted to murder Rose for not making room on the door because LBR, he could have fit...I don't care what Myth Busters said.

Pearl Harbor:

The friendship they still possessed even after falling in love with the same girl. Watching this scene feels like someone is continually driving a knife through your chest.


I sob....EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  "Daddy no."  This was one of those hysterically sobbing moments where you make the weird hiccuping noises.

Breaking Dawn Part 2: 

I feel like I should preface this by saying, there was a LOT of hype surrounding what the big twist in this movie would be. Even though many fans had their own idea of what it was, I don't think we were at all prepared for what actually happened. SPOILER ALERT: Carlisle's head gets ripped off, Jasper dies, some wolves die, BUT OH WAIT, IT WAS ALL A DREAM. But before you found that out, it was one of the most intense, edge of your seat moments ever. 

My best friend always accompanies me to these movies. She isn't a die hard fan, but likes them well enough. I wish I could have recorded her face in the moment where you saw Aro holding Carlisle's head. Pretty priceless. 

Unfortunately, since the movie isn't on DVD yet, it is hard to accompany this part with LEGAL gifs. Sooooooo, I will try my best to improvise.  

first this happened

and then this song started playing and everyone just started running without a word being spoken. CRAZINESS. It was a pretty epic scene.

There is also a montage at the very end of the movie where Bella shows Edward her memories of them together.  As the credits start to roll, Bill Condon did this amazing tribute to all the major cast members. The very last shot is the last page of Breaking Dawn that fades to black on the word "Forever."  And then a massive amount of tears were shed by all. It was a pretty epic farewell to this crazy saga. 

Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves: 

I was obsessed with Kevin Costner when I was younger. And this was one of my favorite movies growing up. This is, hands down, one of my all time favorite movie moments. That slow mo shot paired with the sound of the arrow whistling through the air lsakdjflskjfd.

What are some of your major movie moments? I know there is a handful more I could have picked, but these stood out the most when I was writing this. 

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